Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's day?

Well, Happy BELATED Valentine's day all :D

Check out the rose! :P

I like the weather outside! Yes, its raining cats and dogs. Its a public holiday and i'm guessing most of you slept like some bunch of piggies and i was wide awake at 7AM just to head down to college to complete the Malaysian Book of Records project! I know, i'm a good girl. 

44 people showed up, and most of them are from my batch! (1st semester)  I was happy, that's cause i knew everyone there :P Worked and worked till lunch, oh btw i got burned in the sun! It was FREAKING HOT I TELL YOU. I gotta stop complaining. Anyways, everything went well except for the fact that we had some problems with the paints and brushes and what not, but yeah the president of the event managed it well. Tried our level best to complete it, but we failed. 

By the grace of god, the logo that we drew turned out pretty well without the painting, and while painting the white, the logo didn't look bad at all :) Oh thank you! 

Never knew that my seniors are such nice people :)

The english legal system ; law is hard. TRUST ME.


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