Sunday, February 27, 2011


After 17 years of my life, i finally know what it feels like driving down the hectic USJ roads! Yes, i finally got my L and the lessons has already started! Wish me luck.

When i study, this is what i see.

Well, if you stalk me on facebook, you will know that i'm having my MPW (Malaysian Studies) test 1 tomorrow and hell yeah i'm not ready. You know why? Thats because, during MPW i sleep, talk, eat, laugh, make jokes, walk up and down like a retard cause its so hot, and i always look forward for my break because i hate this subject. No one actually listens to him, but right now i'm regretting like hell. 4 chapters to stuff in my brain in 24 hours. Bravo.

Instead of studying, this is what i do in Malaysian Studies :D :D

 Playing with Jasmin's glasses!

 Yeah picture time!

 Laugh laugh laugh.

See what i mean? Lol, typical me. 

OH MALAYSIAN STUDIES. WHY WHY WHY? Thanks to you, i feel so lifeless now. K BYE.


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