Sunday, February 27, 2011


After 17 years of my life, i finally know what it feels like driving down the hectic USJ roads! Yes, i finally got my L and the lessons has already started! Wish me luck.

When i study, this is what i see.

Well, if you stalk me on facebook, you will know that i'm having my MPW (Malaysian Studies) test 1 tomorrow and hell yeah i'm not ready. You know why? Thats because, during MPW i sleep, talk, eat, laugh, make jokes, walk up and down like a retard cause its so hot, and i always look forward for my break because i hate this subject. No one actually listens to him, but right now i'm regretting like hell. 4 chapters to stuff in my brain in 24 hours. Bravo.

Instead of studying, this is what i do in Malaysian Studies :D :D

 Playing with Jasmin's glasses!

 Yeah picture time!

 Laugh laugh laugh.

See what i mean? Lol, typical me. 

OH MALAYSIAN STUDIES. WHY WHY WHY? Thanks to you, i feel so lifeless now. K BYE.


Broken inside.

Paradise. I.need.a.break.

Hectic. That describes my current life. Sorry for the lack of updates. Life has been good for me, i guess. I'm just living my day as an ordinary teen, trying to freaking enjoy my life with a broken heart. What the hell is wrong with me? I was home alone last night, yes again. I got bored, and i decided to check out my albums and i started clearing some unwanted things. As i was clearing my mails, i saw some unwanted pictures AGAIN. All that i know, i feel cheated. Literally, it feels like i wasted a year on someone. Bloody hell, this feeling sucks.

I swear i was excited to talk to you that night after suffering for 3 weeks.

Why am i thinking about my past? Why am i letting my past haunt me down? God, give me the strength to live. 


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's day?

Well, Happy BELATED Valentine's day all :D

Check out the rose! :P

I like the weather outside! Yes, its raining cats and dogs. Its a public holiday and i'm guessing most of you slept like some bunch of piggies and i was wide awake at 7AM just to head down to college to complete the Malaysian Book of Records project! I know, i'm a good girl. 

44 people showed up, and most of them are from my batch! (1st semester)  I was happy, that's cause i knew everyone there :P Worked and worked till lunch, oh btw i got burned in the sun! It was FREAKING HOT I TELL YOU. I gotta stop complaining. Anyways, everything went well except for the fact that we had some problems with the paints and brushes and what not, but yeah the president of the event managed it well. Tried our level best to complete it, but we failed. 

By the grace of god, the logo that we drew turned out pretty well without the painting, and while painting the white, the logo didn't look bad at all :) Oh thank you! 

Never knew that my seniors are such nice people :)

The english legal system ; law is hard. TRUST ME.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

MBR Project! :)

Wondering whats the white cloth for? So you see, INTI'S Pre-u club decided to join the Malaysian Book of Records (MBR) in where we have to design the logo, yes INTI'S logo on that super huge cloth. I can't recall the size :/ So on Friday, right after our Malaysian Studies, the rest of us headed down to the basket ball court to open up the super HUGE AND HEAVY cloth :D ( as shown above ) Unfortunately, the weather wasn't very pleasant soooooooo we decided to wrap it all back. Yeah sucks. On Saturday morning, which was yesterday, again we decided to head down to college to start the drawing. At 9am mummy dropped me and the sister's and we unwrapped the cloth. It rained the night before so the court was kinda wet :/ we spent 30mins just cleaning and drying up the court once done, we started :)

It all started with the measurement, we had to calculate the length so that we can get an accurate result :D Once done, the rest drew the lines/grids. It was HARD and trust me, it was freaking hot.

 Working under the freaking sun :/

 Fooling around :P

 Sir was explaining to us.

 Working hard :)

 The view from upppp!

The rest managed to complete the whole logo at 5 plus but i left at 3 :/ Ah, another satisfying day.

And now, my ass, my arms, my tights HURTS LIKE HELL. I cant even walk straight and i can't sit down! It hurts :( Oh well, it was worth it :)


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hi world.

The new friends, the everyday friends.

I technically restarted everything again :/ 

Hi world, it has been a while. I've been so busy lately. It has been a month since college started, and well it sucks. Okay, it does not suck badly but the course that i'm doing sucks. Its like .. so tough and i'm finding it hard to cope. At the beginning it was so tough that i thought that i could not cope and the idea of switching course came into my mind. I swear my dad will shoot me alive if i were to tell him that, but with the grace of god i'm finally used to it and i'm managing well :) JUST FOR NOW.