Sunday, February 13, 2011

MBR Project! :)

Wondering whats the white cloth for? So you see, INTI'S Pre-u club decided to join the Malaysian Book of Records (MBR) in where we have to design the logo, yes INTI'S logo on that super huge cloth. I can't recall the size :/ So on Friday, right after our Malaysian Studies, the rest of us headed down to the basket ball court to open up the super HUGE AND HEAVY cloth :D ( as shown above ) Unfortunately, the weather wasn't very pleasant soooooooo we decided to wrap it all back. Yeah sucks. On Saturday morning, which was yesterday, again we decided to head down to college to start the drawing. At 9am mummy dropped me and the sister's and we unwrapped the cloth. It rained the night before so the court was kinda wet :/ we spent 30mins just cleaning and drying up the court once done, we started :)

It all started with the measurement, we had to calculate the length so that we can get an accurate result :D Once done, the rest drew the lines/grids. It was HARD and trust me, it was freaking hot.

 Working under the freaking sun :/

 Fooling around :P

 Sir was explaining to us.

 Working hard :)

 The view from upppp!

The rest managed to complete the whole logo at 5 plus but i left at 3 :/ Ah, another satisfying day.

And now, my ass, my arms, my tights HURTS LIKE HELL. I cant even walk straight and i can't sit down! It hurts :( Oh well, it was worth it :)


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